Casual Peruvian Food in Downtown Madison

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(608) 467-3010 | 604 University Ave.

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Whether you’re looking for exciting or classic flavors, Estacion Inka is your number one choice for casual Peruvian food in Madison. Our customers love our flavorful dishes, friendly staff, and casual no-fuss, no-frills atmosphere. We’re committed to offering delicious food made with quality ingredients, and to become your favorite food place in town!


Our Story


We come from a large family and have fond memories of our gatherings back in Peru. We would come together, all the family and close friends, and celebrate special occasions over a flavorful home-cooked meal. When we moved to the States, it became extra important for us to keep this tradition going as a way to stay connected with the place we’re from and the family we left behind. Now we enjoy sharing our favorite recipes with our own families and friends, and are thrilled to be able to share our food and our culture with those seeking something different—and delicious—in Madison.

Estacion Inka strives to provide a space where customers can enjoy, relax, and indulge in the special and satisfying flavors of a home-cooked meal. We invite everyone in Madison to come in and explore our various dishes, homemade smoothies, and desserts, and to create some memories with us over a delicious plate of food.


We’re the Talk of the Town!

It’s almost a joke in the culinary world: Peruvian food is the next big thing. Google the phrase, and you’ll find hits for articles making this very point all the way back to at least 2008. So I’m not going to tell you that Estacion Inka is Madison’s next big thing.
— Isthmus
At Estacion Inka, a new home for fast and wonderful Peruvian street food on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, it was love at first bite.
— The Cap Times
Whether looking for late night drunchies, an affordable lunch between classes, or an afternoon smoothie to fight the mid-day slump, Estacion Inka enhances the food options downtown with its unique offering of fresh and authentic Peruvian flavors.
— The Badger Herald
The small space has been decorated with care. The white tables are stamped “Made in Peru,” and there are flowers sticking out of gold Inca Kola cans on each table. “Peru” is painted artistically on the wall, so there’s no mistaking the nationality of the food. And there’s no mistaking the authenticity, and the deliciousness, of the food, either.
— Wisconsin State Journal